Click the tiles below to read about some of the exciting infrastructure projects happening in Langford. For more information on a specific project, please contact the Engineering department, at (250) 478-7882 or

Bear Mountain Parkway

The Developers responsible for road improvements on either side of the Bear Mountain Parkway from Flint Avenue to Marble Place have begun construction of this project. Milestone Construction is the contractor undertaking these works.

The project will include:

  • Installation of underground hydro ducting along the road edge
  • Paving the top lift of asphalt that was not placed onto the road when the road opened several years ago
  • Completion of the sidewalk and boulevard along the upper side of the Parkway
  • Completion of bikelanes in this section
  • Construction of a roundabout at Marble Place, which is also the location of a future elementary school site
  • Work is anticipated to take into the later part of Spring 2021.

Chidlow Connector Project

The City, in cooperation with Beedie the owner/developer of lands fronting Sooke Road and Luxton Road, will be constructing a new connector road in 2021 with an anticipated completion later in the Fall.

This new connector road, named after an historical Langford family, the Chidlows, will connect Luxton Road to Sooke Road at a new signalized intersection on Sooke Road. The attached rendering illustrates the new road configuration.

Once activated as the new connector, the existing connection of Luxton Road to Sooke Road will be closed to public access north of Marwood Road. Marwood Road will continue to connect to Luxton Road allowing travellers to drive south on Luxton Road to the Chidlow Connector to reach Sooke Road.

The road is designed to accommodate deliveries to and from the existing Slegg Lumber store on Sooke Road. Slegg Lumber will have a new access from the Chidlow Connector. The connector will include:

  • Two driving lanes
  • A middle turnlane
  • A sidewalk on the south side
  • A pedestrian crosswalk to connect the triangular lot to the north to the two lots to the south to support onsite development

View the plans here

Goldstream Multi Use Path

The City will be finishing the pedestrian/cycling network completely around Langford Lake this Summer. Currently pedestrians and cyclists can travel on designated sidewalks, bikelanes or trails on:

  • Leigh Road from Goldstream Avenue to Leigh Place
  • On Leigh Place from Leigh Road to Langford Lake Beach
  • Around Langford Lake from Langford Lake Beach to Goldstream Avenue

The missing section of Goldstream Avenue from the west end of Goldstream Avenue to Leigh Road will be paved out to a 2.0 to 2.5m wide dual directional path along the south side of Goldstream Avenue. Additional parking will be created at the east end of Goldstream Avenue, on the north side of the road between Leigh Road and Hartsdale Road. This will create approximately 30 parking stalls for trail users.

Larkhall Connector Project 2021

In 2020 the City improved three legs of the Peatt Road at Brock Road roundabout. The Larkhall Extension Project is a continuation of this work and will include:

  • Construction of the missing eastbound travel lane between Peatt Road and Claude Road
  • Construction of a sidewalk on the south side of Larkhall Road between Peatt Road and Claude Road
  • Completion of the missing sections of sidewalk on the north side of Larkhall Road between Claude Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway
  • Construction of a public parking lot on the south side of the new eastbound travel lane
  • Completion of the fourth leg of the Peatt Road at Brock/Larkhall Road roundabout

Work is slated for June to July 2021.

Reference Drawing

Massie Thomasset Connector Project 2021

The City will be improving the connectivity of the Downtown Core and provide additional free parking lots to continue to support our economic development.

The Massie Thomassset Connector Project will include the following:

  • Connection of Massie Drive to Thomasset Place
  • Installation of a continual sidewalk on the south side of the new connector from Veterans Memorial Parkway to Claude Road
  • Construction of three new parking lots
  • Completion of a paved pathway from Massie Drive south to the Westbrook Mall area on Goldstream Avenue
  • Completion of a gravel path from the new connector through Danbrook Park to the Danbrook Road parking lot
  • The existing Danbrook dog park will remain intact. The area will be protected during construction by fencing

Work is anticipated to occur from June to September of this summer. All residents in the area have been notified.

Reference Drawing